Benefits of a Hosted Desktop from ITonCommand

Fortune 500-caliber IT at a Small Business Price - You get a fully-outsourced IT department that provides enterprise-class technology at a low, predictable, pay-as-you-go cost that is within reach of

Bulletproof Security and Increased System Stability - ITonCommand includes award-winning security solutions. Centralized anti-virus and anti-spam protection and locked-down desktops prevent network intrusions and increase system uptime. And, since all of your data is stored and managed 24/7/365 on servers in our state-of-the-art data center facilities—not on your users’ local hard drives—you’ll sleep better at night knowing that a lost, stolen, or damaged PC or laptop won’t jeopardize confidential information.

Increased Productivity -  Our hosted desktop solution gives your employees remote access to their exact corporate desktop and network so they can work from anywhere they have an Internet connection—on the road, at a satellite office, at home, or at a cafe. No more saving files on their laptop or portable devices. All files and data are safely stored on our data center servers and managed 24/7/365. So they can just log in and go.

Increased Mobility - ITonCommand features mobile device integration with Windows Mobile, iPhone and BlackBerry devices enabling users to access their e-mail, contacts, and calendar in real-time without having to “sync up” with their desktop.

Increased Collaboration - With a built-in centralized network, your employees will be collaborative, connected, and sharing network resources throughout your organization via remote access. Outlook and Exchange Server will give your employees access to shared calendars and contact information to prevent overbooking and mismanagement of business-critical contacts and increase ease of internal communications.

Increased Flexibility - Unlike most other hosted desktop providers—who may offer a limited selection of software applications for hosting—we have integrated over 100 third-party applications and are continually adding new applications to meet the business needs of our customers. In fact, we can host most business software with ease. Call today at 1-877-RUN-ITOC (786-4862) or or click Live Chat and ask one of our technical sales specialists if your custom or third-party application can be hosted with ITonCommand.

Purposeful IT - We employ a team of highly-trained IT professionals to assist you, freeing up your IT staff to work on projects that support the goals of your business.

Burden-free IT - ITonCommand includes seamless no-cost upgrades, patches, and hot fixes to keep you up-to-date with current versions of Microsoft applications.

Utility-based IT - Now, you can get the robust technology you need to run your business with the same ease of getting your phones, electricity, and other necessities. Turn on the power of ITonCommand and enjoy no hassle IT for a low, fixed monthly fee.

Scalability - Your IT staff isn’t burdened with purchasing and loading new software, setting up user profiles, or managing security settings. Simply contact us to add or remove users and we take care of the rest. ITonCommand is great for growing businesses and those involved in merger and acquisition transactions.

Simplicity - There are no costs or inefficiencies to learn the intuitive, already-familiar interface or our hosted desktop solution. ITonCommand looks and functions exactly like the Windows desktop most customers are already using.

Consistency - Consistency and standardization of your applications, your network, and your shared data across multiple sites.

Built-in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - ITonCommand combines data center physical security, Internet accessibility, data security, network architectural redundancies, and data back-ups to ensure your systems are available no matter what emergencies you face.

Peace-of-mind - ITonCommand gives you an ITsystem that works when and where you need it. Your systems are monitored 24/7/365 in state-of-the-art facilities by our team of expert engineers.

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