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Nationally Recognized Law Firm Replaces Outdated Technology to Help Grow Practice

The Challenge

Pulley, Watson, King & Lischer (PWKL) was in need of a network overhaul.  Running an outdated Novel network was hindering their ability to attract quality attorneys and grow their practice. 

 PWKL had several issues with their current I.T. solution:

  • No in-house I.T. expertise - they were paying high hourly rates to an I.T. consulting firm that was not meeting their needs.

  • No remote access to their e-mail, data and applications - employees were often strapped to their office workstations late into the night and on weekends. 

  • No end-user support - employees faced delays in completing assignments because of technology issues. 

  • Word Perfect incompatibility -  employees had to convert their Word Perfect documents to Word.

In order to build out the desired network solution, PWKL was facing large capital investments in infrastructure purchases and Microsoft software licensing.  They knew they didn’t want to continue with the cost and frustration of using an I.T. consulting firm, so they were also looking at upfront and ongoing expenses to hire in-house I.T. expertise.   

The Solution

PWKL decided to forego building out an expensive on-site network and chose to implement ITonCommand’s hosted Windows desktop solution.  ITonCommand provides PWKL with an enterprise-class network and the updated I.T. solutions they required, while eliminating the high-cost and aggravation of deploying and managing an in-house solution.

The Benefits

  • No capital investments in infrastructure, server licenses or Microsoft software - PKWL has an up-to-date I.T. solution for an affordable monthly fee.

  • Award-winning security solution built in to protect data and prevent networkmvulnerabilities - client privileged information secure.

  • Microsoft Office Standard Edition on every employee desktop (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) - no more converting Word Perfect documents.

  • Remote access to office desktop from any Internet connection - e-mail, applications, data, and corporate file structure.

  • Fully-managed I.T. network including upgrades, updates, patches, system maintenance, and I.T. consulting services - no need for in-house I.T. or I.T. consulting firm, and no need to worry about technology getting out-dated.

  • 24/7/365 technical and end-user support - no more project delays due to unresolved I.T. issues.


Pulley, Watson, King & Lischer







Pulley, Watson, King & Lischer, is an established law firm providing  representation to injured individuals and families, and legal expertise in business and commercial matters since 1982. 



“ITonCommand gave our firm the up-to-date I.T. solution we needed to grow our practice and protect our sensitive  client privileged information.  Because we trust ITonCommand with running our I.T., we’re able to focus our business efforts on taking care of our clients’ legal


Firm Administrator

Pulley, Watson, King & Lischer


Mortgage Company Operates on Lean Budget and Enables Remote Workforce with ITonCommand

The Challenge

Like most start-up businesses, Mogul Mortgage was working with minimal capital and human resources.  It goes without saying that they did not employ internal I.T. expertise, nor did they have the necessary capital to build and support an I.T. infrastructure that would give them the technology tools they needed to run their business.

Mogul Mortgage was designed to run on a lean budget.  Instead of investing in costly office space, employees worked from multiple home-office locations.  Therefore they required a secure network that would offer users full remote access to e-mail, company data, and a specialized mortgage software application from any of these remote locations.  And their system had to be backed-up and secure from intrusions to ensure the integrity of confidential customer and business information.  In summary, they needed a simple solution that offered high-end technology at an affordable price.

The Solution

After reviewing the outsourcing options that were available, the company’s president determined that ITonCommand was the best solution for their technology needs. 

ITonCommand included: Microsoft Office Standard Edition, Exchange Server, remote access, synchronization with Windows Mobile devices 5.0 and higher, a secure, shared corporate     network, daily back-ups, break-fix support, and a help desk.  And because ITonCommand supports over 100 third-party software applications, Mogul Mortgage was able to add their specialized mortgage software program and make it accessible from any of their remote locations. 

For this team of mortgage professionals, ITonCommand is a great solution.  They have the peace-of-mind of knowing their entire network, e-mail, and data are available from any Internet connection just about any time of the day or night.  ITonCommand delivers a corporate network efficiently, cost-effectively, and without the need for any internal I.T. expertise.  Most importantly, ITonCommand helps Mogul Mortgage keep their commitment of being accessible to their customers ‘round-the-clock.

The Benefits

  • An entire corporate network delivered through secure Internet access means increased company collaboration and employee productivity.

  • Remote access from any Internet connection means increased employee mobility and flexibility.

  • Hosting of all Microsoft and customer mortgage software applications  means peace-of-mind, reliability, and security.

  • Enterprise-class I.T. functionality without any in-house I.T. staff or expertise means less overhead, happier  customers (lower percentage rates), and more operating profit.

  • No capital investment means more cash flow for operations.


Mogul Mortgage






Boulder, Colorado



Mortgage Lending



Mogul Mortgage was a start-up company offering tailored loan programs and ‘round-the-clock service.



“With ITonCommand’s help, my dream of offering ‘bump-free’ mortgages—wherein the customer doesn’t get penalized for our overhead costs in the form of additional points—became a reality.” 

Founder and President

Mogul Mortgage


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