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March 26, 2009

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Andy Finney


DENVER, CO – 3/26/09 – ITonCommand today announced that their hosted desktop solution is providing subscriber businesses with continuity during the blizzard of 2009. Local businesses are able to continue operating remotely without interruption, despite the forecast for the Denver Metro area of up to 18” of snow. Remember in 2006 Denver was paralyzed under two feet of snow, 4,700 people slept in closed Denver International Airport, most businesses had to shut down, and the governor declared a state of emergency. We don’t yet know the magnitude of this storm system, but we do know that businesses will likely be shutting down early today and sending workers home. In this current economic environment, no business can afford downtime and the potential of lost productivity and lost revenue.

Subscribers of ITonCommand don’t have to worry about whether their employees can get to the office or have to leave early to get home safely, because they have secure access to their entire corporate desktop and company files, not just e-mail. With remote access to their actual office desktop, employees can work safely from home with access to their business applications, company network files, and e-mail with any broadband Internet connection. Because these businesses subscribe to ITonCommand, they have a built in disaster recovery and business continuity plan. They have peace of mind in knowing their mission-critical data is safely stored on secure servers in our state-of-the-art data center facilities. With ITonCommand there are no more snow days, no more sick days, and no more business interruptions.

There is a winter storm warning in effect through Friday at 6:00am and that means another possibility of business closures due to impassable roads and unsafe driving conditions. Fox 31 news warns “travel will be extremely dangerous and is discouraged in these whiteout conditions. If you must travel…have a winter survival kit with you.” ITonCommand subscribers can keep their employees safe at home, without worrying about interruption to their business operations.

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Based in Denver, Colorado CCD Corporation (dba ITonCommand) is an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with competencies in Advanced Infrastructure, Hosting and Security.  ITonCommand has customers throughout the United States with users around-the-globe.  We strive to provide our customers with innovative and strategic technology solutions that free them from managing their I.T. so they can focus on the core competencies of their business.  ITonCommand combines best-of-breed technology and a focused approach to eliminating the challenges of I.T. for our customers, and has established us as a premier outsourced I.T. service provider.


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