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Fax anywhere, anytime right from your desktop! Introducing FAXonCommand™

FAXonCommand™ is a fully-integrated online desktop faxing service that enables users to send and receive faxes right from their ITonCommand hosted desktops.

Never miss another fax because of a power outage or from running out of paper or toner. FAXonCommand™ is a virtual fax service that requires nothing more than a connection to your hosted desktop or Outlook Web Access account with ITonCommand.

Get started with FAXonCommand™ today! Set up is fast and easy.

Reduce Costs

  • No paper, toner or fax machine to purchase or maintain

  • No hardware, software or telephone lines required

  • No fax server needed

  • Free toll-free fax numbers for each user account

Improve Workflows and Efficiency

  • Access faxes anywhere you have an Internet connection by accessing your hosted desktop or through Outlook Web Access

  • Receive faxes 24 hours/day, even when your computer is turned off

  • Send and receive faxes right from your Outlook email Inbox

  • Respond quicker and maintain copies for easy retrieval

  • Send from Outlook using contacts

  • Print-to-fax within Microsoft Office and other business applications

Manage Documents Easily and Effectively

  • Save copies without having to scan

  • Link to existing customer folders

  • Share with others without printing paper copies or scanning

  • Private/confidential documents come straight to your inbox, instead of sitting in plain sight on a fax machine

  • Automatic back-up of faxes in Outlook

FAXonCommand™ has affordable pricing options to meet the faxing needs of your business. Simply select from the options below based on your usage requirements. Get individual user accounts for maximum efficiency and confidentiality, or identify a single user account and utilize group faxing.


Monthly Fee Per User:

100 send/200 receive
pages free every month*

Monthly Fee Per User:

200 send/400 receive
pages free every month*

Price Per Page:

Unlimited Faxing

*$0.12/page for additional pages *$0.12/page for additional pages *plus $12.00 for each fax number


FAXonCommand™ Enterprise Edition is also available with advanced features like custom reporting, special third-party application integration and volume discount pricing. Contact your Account Manager for details.


Key Features:

Toll-free Fax Number
Your customers can send faxes to you without incurring toll charges.

Email Faxing
Send and receive faxes from your Outlook email. All received emails arrive in your Inbox in .pdf format for easy viewing.

Outlook Contacts
No need for a separate fax contact list, just select recipients from your Outlook contacts.

Microsoft Office and Other Business Application Integration
Fax-to-print lets you fax documents directly from Microsoft Office and most other business applications.

Works with any Fax Machine
Send and receive faxes from any fax machine or service.

Private and secure
Faxes arrive directly in Outlook email Inbox, assessable only by Inbox owner.

Why a hosted desktop?

How does it work?


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