“Now that we have subscribed to ITonCommand, our organization can focus on delivering our services to the Denver community. We feel confident and secure in the knowledge that people who are IT experts are running our computer platforms and systems for us. This way, we are able to free up funds to enrich the community, rather than enlarge our internal administrative staff.” 

Robert M. Maulitz, M.D.

“We had just signed our ITonCommand contract and were about 30 days out from implementation when a server at one of our locations in Arizona crashed. I called ITonCommand to get their advice on a temporary fix until implementation. The old I.T. company offered a costly, no guarantee solution. I knew calling ITonCommand was a stretch but I needed a miracle. And ITonCommand delivered, they told me they could have our ITonCommand service up in two days. They flew to Arizona, worked over the weekend, and had the office up by Tuesday. As a consumer you sign a contract and hope the company you choose delivers on their promises. Let me say ITonCommand hit this one out of the park. I am already impressed by their service and commitment to the customer and I look forward to working with this team for many years to come. Thanks ITonCommand!”

Sue Johnson, VP Business Operations, American Lung Association

“I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for your response to our urgent need to install the new software application we needed. I have been so very impressed with your organization from day one, and this experience has only solidified my belief that we made the right decision to trust our IT to you.”

Stephanie Jester, Firm Administrator, Pulley, Watson, King & Lischer, PA, Attorneys at Law

“Our IT staff used to be preoccupied with configuring new users, setting up workstations, troubleshooting, maintaining and watering boxes—all the mundane technical tasks I wish they didn’t have to do. Now they’ve got the bandwidth to execute on the high-ROI projects that have enabled our business to grow.”

Brett Lewis, CFO with IT oversight , Metropolitan Homes

“Thanks for the great customer service! Each time we call the ITonCommand help desk, they’ve responded to our service requests professionally and have been very helpful. Your follow up and assistance lets us know that ITonCommand really cares about its customers. If a small shop like us get this kind of excellent customer service, I can only wonder what a big customer gets.”

Pete Chenery, Realty World

“Even if I could buy a server for $1.00, I’d still do ITonCommand. IT is no longer a headache for us. We need technology to run our CPA business, but we don’t need the headache or distraction of managing IT in-house. ITonCommand is the perfect solution; high-level technology without the pain points.”

Craig Kleinman, Shareholder, Kleinman, Guerra and Company, P.C.

“The holiday blizzard of 2006 shut our physical office down for more than 3 business days. Because we have ITonCommand, we were able to provide seamless service to our customers in 38 states and 3 countries.”

Chad A. Williams, COO/Managing Partner , Capital Investment Management Inc.

“Being able to access our information anywhere, most anytime has increased the level of service we offer our clients. ITonCommand gives us the expertise and high-level technology we need, without any of the headaches of managing a network in-house. We don't even think about I.T. It's just there when and where we need it."

Linda Young, Vice President, Antonoff & Company

“With the help of ITonCommand, my dream of offering ‘bump-free’ mortgages—wherein the customer doesn’t get penalized for our overhead costs in the form of additional points—became a reality. And this allows us to fulfill the home ownership dreams of hundreds of homebuyers in Boulder, CO and the surrounding communities.”

Mike Craychee, Founder and President, Mogul Mortgage

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