Hosted Mobility Solutions

Put your office in the palm of your hand with ITonCommand's mobility solutions, and stay connected to your business wherever you go.

Get wireless synchronization anytime, anywhere to your Windows Mobile device, Blackberry® or even the popular iPhone!  ITonCommand's Business-on-the-Go Wireless Sync service gives you real-time access to your Outlook email, calendar, contacts and tasks.  Manage your time more effectively, increase your productivity, and provide your customers with immediate response, even when you're out of the office.

Want to get started today?  All you need is an ITonCommand Hosted Desktop or Hosted Exchange account and an Internet-enabled device.  Simply click Order Now to get the wireless sync service you need.  Not a subscriber ti ITonCommand yet?  Call us at 1-877-RUN-ITOC (786-4862 or email us for today!

Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile ActiveSync Service - $5.00/Month

Get in sync with your Outlook Inbox, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.  With ActiveSync and your Internet-enabled Windows Mobile Pocket PC or SmartPhone device you can leave the office without leaving your business.  Provide immediate response to your customers, employees and vendors and stay connected to your business anywhere, anytime. 

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Blackberry Curve 

Hosted BlackBerry® services - $10.00/Month

ITonCommand's Hosted BlackBerry® services gives you wireless anytime, anywhere access to your Outlook Inbox, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.  Put the power of mobility right at your fingertips without incurring the upfront costs and on-going management of having an in-house BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. 

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Apple iPhone - $5.00/Month

Enjoy all the cool features of your iPhone and get the enterprise functionality you need for your business communications.   ITonCommand and Windows Mobile ActiveSync enable you to wirelessly sync your iPhone with your Outlook Inbox, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

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