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Whether you want to free your IT staff to work on higher ROI projects, or whether you want to eliminate in-house IT altogether, ITonCommand is the outsourced IT solution that's simplifying the way businesses of all sizes do IT. Save 30% or more with ITonCommand, and free yourself to Run Your Business, Not Your Network!

Reduce your IT capital expenses

When you subscribe to ITonCommand, you'll never have to purchase another server or infrastructural hardware again! And, because our standard package includes Microsoft Office Standard Edition and the flexibility to add any other Microsoft application, you'll never have to purchase Microsoft software licenses again either!

Get the applications your business needs

ITonCommand not only delivers Microsoft applications to your hosted desktop, we also give you the convenience and flexibility to add-on most any business software application. So instead of getting a partial IT solution--hosting of one or a few applications--you can outsource your entire network to ITonCommand. We're your complete IT solutions provider.

Sleep better at night knowing your data is secure

How safe is your data? When you subscribe to ITonCommand, you can rest easy knowing your data is safely stored on servers in state-of-the-art data centers, where they're monitored by certified engineers 24/7/365. You'll have a built-in network defense system to protect against viruses, spam, hackers and other malicious intrusions. And, your data will be backed-up every day, so you never have to worry about losing the mission-critical information you need to run your business.

Increase productivity with remote access

Enable your road warriors and telecommuters with secure remote access to their entire corporate desktop--not just email or a few applications--from any Internet connection. Just think how your business would benefit from a more productive staff--a staff with the ability to work from any location--as if they were sitting right at their workstation--right from their hosted desktop.

Improve network performance and up-time

Subscribing to ITonCommand means you'll have an entire team of highly-trained, certified IT professionals running your network. We provide round-the-clock network monitoring and 24/7/365 support to ensure you have a secure, reliable, and stable computing environment. And, we perform automatic Microsoft software upgrades, updates and patches to ensure you're always running the most current versions throughout your organization.

Protect your business against disasters and other emergencies

What would happen to your business-critical data in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency? ITonCommand helps you protect your business and continue operations in the wake of a disaster. When you have ITonCommand your business data and entire network infrastructure will be protected and available, even if your physical location is completely destroyed.

Improve Communication

It's essential that your business has communication tools that enable you to respond quickly and efficiently to customer requests, and to effectively communicate internally. ITonCommand gives you Outlook and Exchange Server so you have shared resources like contacts and calendars. We also offer SharePoint and Microsoft CRM to simplify how your information is accessed and managed. And, ITonCommand provides your company with a shared corporate directory, where folders and files can be easily accessed based on the user-specified security settings you set, keeping you in control of who can access your business' data.

Consider all the business functions you already outsource

You wouldn't manage your own healthcare plan, generate your own electrical power, or operate your own phone company would you? You outsource them because you don't have the time or the resources to perform these functions as effectively or efficiently as your insurance provider, the electric company, or the phone company and their teams of experts. Why should getting the information technology your business needs be any different? Instead of taking your focus away from your core business to manage IT, you can do what many other companies have already done and outsource your IT to ITonCommand. You'll have an entire team of IT experts dedicated to running your network, so you can focus on running your businesses.

Run Your Business, Not Your Network

Simply log on to the Internet and get the enterprise-class IT functionality your business needs. ITonCommand removes the burden of managing in-house IT and eliminates the need for internal IT expertise and capital


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